How to grow and groom the perfect beard BY David Nicholls




The luxuriantly bearded model Jonny Harrington was recently compared to a ‘tramp’ by one lesser newspaper. But the bearded look sees no sign of abating.

That’s why we asked Alex Glover, master barber at Murdock London , to talk us through the ins and outs of beard care. Here’s what he had to say:

-To avoid itchiness, grow your beard out from a clippered finish rather than a shaved finish which leaves needle sharp ends to the hair. It will take you back a week or so but is far more comfortable

-Using an exfoliator up to three times a week will keep the skin healthy and remove the dead skin which is normally sheared away when shaving.

-Hair shampoo is too harsh for beard hair. use either a special beard shampoos and conditioners or your face wash at least once or twice a week.

– Murdock London sells products like Jack Black Beard Lube which are good leave-in products to give a soft finish to the beard.

– If you have a long beard, use a beard brush or even a tooth brush to keep the hair in check. Stroke vertically from top to bottom.

– Most men have a natural hair line under the cheekbone with a few hairs above it. Shave these but don’t alter or reshape this line.

– Be careful when creating the line under the chin. If it curves upwards too much it can make it look as though you have a double chin.




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