Romain Gavras’s Notre Jour Viendra


Romain Gavras exploded onto the word stage three years ago with his ultra-violent video for the Justice track ‘Stress’, in which a gang of black teens from Paris’s impoverished ban lieu smash the shit out of practically everything and everyone they come into contact with. He followed that up earlier this year with his equally celebrated and vilified video for MIA’s ‘Born Free’, in which he portrayed a private army rounding up redheads and brutally annihilating them with guns, bombs, tanks and bazookas (the seven-year-old who gets his brains casually blown out the side of his cranium is possibly one of the most shocking things ever committed to celluloid). This month, the uber-controversial enfant terrible releases his much-anticipated first feature Notre Jour Viendra (Our Day Will Come) in which two red-headed protagonists (Vincent Cassel and Olivier Barthelemy) try to set up a bizarre utopian community. Boasting a score by Ed Banger’s SebastiAn it proves to be one of the unmissable films of the year.

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