Vivienne Westwood’s Shoe Retrospective at Selfridges


Selfridges in London has decided to offer some much deserved praise to British fashion designer Vivienne Westwood. And while we are often completely enthralled by her a-symmetrical dresses and distressed coats, the area in which Westwood really shines — and the talent for which Selfridges is honoring her — is in the shoe department.

To celebrate Westwood’s exotic and often times over the top shoe designs, the department store has arranged an exhibit featuring almost 200 of her footwear creations. The exhibit, titled “Vivienne Westwood Shoes — an Exhibition 1973-2010,” spans the 30-plus year career of the designer whose shoes are anything but ordinary. Flats, kitten heels, 6-inch platforms — every shape, color, and pattern is used in her design portfolio.

“I’m not one of those people who likes the ‘no makeup’ make up look,” Westwood said. “I like artificial things and I think that’s what we are. I think civilization is artificial, otherwise we would be living in trees and it’s wonderful walking in shoes.”


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