The Bi-Polar World Men Order


I did read this article today and found really interesting and decided to add it here

Full article The Bi-Polar World Men Order by World Man About Town(

While recently analysing the trends between what went on the runways during the fashion weeks in Milan and Paris, and as it’s high time to hit the beach, I could not help but wonder that the summer of 2010 has confirmed a very positive, albeit polarised, affirmation of the male body.

type A

type B

A few years ago, it was clear that the skinny look was unavoidable. Designers like Hedi Slimane banked on this look because, let’s face it, clothes hang better on thin people. However, as the end of the first decade of the new millennium approached, more athletic male bodies have become acceptable in the fashion industry, to the extent that this exciting world is becoming bi-polar in its acceptance of more than one dominant ideal type.

type A

type B

Below is my list with this polarisation for your consideration and enjoyment:

And the list could go on and on…

Relativist post-structuralism has taught us that type A is not better or worse than type B just because it comes first. So these columns are devoid of any hierarchy and are best read with a touch of irony.

If you feel that, as a male reader of these columns, the way you see yourself does not fit in either of them or you can actually zigzag between these basic descriptors, consider yourself lucky. If we have learnt anything from gender theory as described by the likes of Judith Butler, it’s in the rich grey in-between areas that identity has always gained affirmation.

Enjoy being the man that you are!


2 Responses to “The Bi-Polar World Men Order”

  1. 1 Lia

    eu uso o photoscape ou o gimp

  2. I do enjoy myself.. and I am so glad that i came across you blog..
    its so refreshing..
    thanks for sharing

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