Interview Magazine’s Racist Editorial?


This editorial featuring Daria Werbowy for the May issue of Interview magazine has been causing quite a stir because of the use of black models Sedene Blake, Ajak Deng, Salieu Jalloh and Oraine Barrett as mere background figures who are engaging in savage activities, drinking, and sexual poses. The editorial, which was photographed by Mikael Jansson and styled by Karl Templer is described by the magazine as the following:

“Let’s get lost. The hour is late, the air is thick, and the evening is charged with a steamy sensuality. What works? Tone-on-tone swimsuits, slithers of silk, and plenty of skin, as flesh meets flesh, body meets soul, and Daria gets lost in the heat of the night.”

Since being released online, the editorial has seen some extremely negative reactions. Refinery29 agrees with the sentiment, stating:

“From the differences in their dress (Daria’s in ethereal, angel-like gowns, the others are in knits and leathers) to their body language (A limp yet super-sexual Daria is the main focus, the others feel almost like props), the whole spread has a rather racist vibe that we can’t get down with.”

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