Diane Pernet


Paris-based journalist Diane Pernet is the Co-Editor-in-Chief for ZOO Magazine. Diane is the founder of A Shaded View on Fashion film festival, a festival of short films and videos from around the world exploring themes of fashion, beauty and style – and her legendary fashion blog A Shaded View on Fashion has between 160,000 – 300,000 visitors a month. In November 2007, Diane co-curated NOOVO fashion and photography festival in Santiago de Compostela. On March 30th, 2008 Diane was invited by the Metropolitan Museum in NYC to be on their blog-mode Panel and recognized as one of the 3 most influential fashion blogs. Her documentary filmmaking includes: Logos Mutant, Swiss Textile designer profiles, 8 years of the making of the festival d’Hyeres, Portrait of a Consumer, Fashioned Out, Chapels and Adventure of Pleasure Gumball 3000 and many other short films. Her editorial work has appeared in MFF, lEspresso, ZOO Magazine, Elle.com, Vogueparis.com, l’Espresso, MFF, Beaux Arts, Sang Bleu, commons&sense, as well as other publications.
The first edition of ASVOFF was launched on September 26, 27 & 28th at the national museum in Paris, the Jeu de Paume. ASVOFF 2 was screened over 3 days at Passage du Desir with the awards ceremony and screening on October 8th, 2009 at Centre Pompidou in Paris.
In addition to being the founder of ASVOFF & ASVOF, Diane is a talent scout for the Festival d’Hyeres in the South of France.
Diane has a degree in filmmaking and communications from Temple University and did additional studies at Parsons and FIT.



2 Responses to “Diane Pernet”

  1. 1 Gabriëlle

    I love Diane! I was soooo lucky to have met her during London Fashion Week, she was so kind!


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