The Serpentine Gallery presents the 2000 Turner Prize winner Wolfgang Tillmans’


The Serpentine Gallery presents the 2000 Turner Prize winner Wolfgang Tillmans’ first major exhibition in London since 2003. Conceived by the artist for the Serpentine Gallery, the exhibition will present both abstract and figurative work. To anyone who remembers Tillmans early work from the 90s which to a high degree focused on his circle of friends and lovers, his present work which engages with portraiture, landscape, the still life and, more recently, abstraction will come as a pleasant surprise. Tillmans’ abstract work, greatly celebrated in the last decade, continues to push the boundaries and definitions of the photographic form. The exhibition at the Serpentine Gallery has chosen to focus on his abstract work.
The wide-ranging themes in Tillmans’ photographs are combined in his reconfiguration of accumulated images, created in response to a given space. In this new exhibition, the explorations into abstraction sit alongside a new focus on the figurative – a focus that is increasingly informed by his recent colour field works and experiments with process. The Serpentine Gallery exhibition reflects the artist’s acute sensitivity to the politics of contemporary society, his ongoing fascination with colour, and his conceptual engagement with the technical processes of photography. These delicate yet challenging images capture the distinctive energetic balance between beauty and subversion, which are typical of Tillmans’ work. An exhibition catalogue will accompany the Serpentine Gallery exhibition.
26th June – 29th August 2010

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